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Keeping children safe is a responsibility that we take extremely seriously.  We believe that we have systems in place that have enabled to do this consistently, expanding our own knowledge and processes in line with Government guidelines (for example by incorporating advice to prevent extremism and radicalisation – the PREVENT duty) to ensure that staff are always aware of any child who may not be safe and that they know what to do in this situation.


To achieve this, we use a safeguarding policy that makes explicitly clear to staff the actions that need to be taken should they have any concerns about children.  This is supported by regular, updated continuous professional development for all staff and a commitment to train volunteers who come into contact with children in school to also be trained in child protection.  As a school, we check the background of all employees and volunteers also through DBS checks to ensure that there is as little risk as possible to our children.


A copy of our Safeguarding Policy can be found below.

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy


Paper copies of all our policies are available on request, for free, from the school office.


Please also see the SEAT Policies page for other policies


Our safeguarding policy is designed to bring together lots of different aspects of safeguarding and child protection.  In practice, it draws on many sources of information, some of which are included below for a  more detailed view.


The link below will signpost you to places you can access support and help for mental health concerns:

Support for Mental Health Needs


Worried about a child?

Safeguaring Worried about a child




Reporting Concerns About a Child