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School Council

Council Members 2019 - 2020

Mrs Chaplin is pleased to announce our school council members for 2019 - 2020


Year 2

Class 1:- Joshua and Katie

Class 2:- Ben and Emily

Class 3:- Jude and Lacey


Year 1

Class 4:- Barclay and Elsie

Class 5:- Ciaran and Imogen

Class 6:- Joshua and Molly



Class 7:- Grace and Jason

Class 8:- Ciaran and Hallie

Class 9:- Ella and Jesse



School Prayer

School Council Meetings



13th March 2020

We met today to discuss hygiene.  We have started making posters to encourage regular hand washing throughout the school.  We will be promoting our good hygiene practice with our classes.


28th February 2020

The school council met to discuss how to encourage children to walk safely around our school.  We have decided to make some posters encouraging children to walk safely.  We also took some photographs to show how it should be done!  We hope to have the posters up soon.


31st January 2020

We met today to discuss ideas for new books to be purchased for the school library. 

A really long wish list was created which will be forwarded to Mrs Thurston and the PCA.


17th January 2020

Today we welcomed our new Early Years Councillors.  Mrs Thurston also attended our meeting today so that we could report back on last term's successes.  We also started to make plans for this term.


21st November 2019

We welcomed Richard Keeler from the Thundersley Congregational Church to our meeting.  He helped us to write our school prayer.


13th November 2019

This week we discussed ideas for our school prayer having consulted with all of our class friends.  We will use these ideas at the next meeting when writing our school prayer.  We also discussed possible rewards for the team earns the most house points each term.  These suggestions were forwarded to Mrs Jordan.


17th October 2019

This week we decorated boxes for collecting used stamps in aid of Bone Cancer Research.  We will continue to collect stamps throughout the year - so please keep sending them into school.


3rd October 2019

Today was our inaugural meeting of the school council.  Mrs Chaplin welcomed all of the new members who were very excited to have been nominated by their class peers.  Everyone received a School Council badge in assembly.  We also discussed our plans for the forthcoming term.



School Council 2018 - 2019

First Meeting Monday 24th September 2018 - 2019

Agenda:-  Discuss Ideas for school improvements and fundraising.


Meeting Monday 15th October  

We discussed the Pupil /class survey?  

The children suggested we asked their peers:- What the children think of the school? What could be improved?  What have they enjoyed this half term? Why?.  The pupil council are now taking these surveys to their class for them to complete this week.

EYFS will do their survey in the spring term when they are more settled and have a school council representative.

Meeting Monday 15th October  pupil survey

Meeting 31st October


We got together and discussed the outcome of the pupil surveys.  Here are some of the outcomes

Things we do well at Kents Hill Infant Academy:-

Children's comments


  1. Subjects are enjoyable especially Maths, Geography Science, English and Art.
  2. Topics are fun.
  3. We all work as a team.
  4. School dinners are tasty and have a good choice.
  5. We help each other when we are stuck.
  6. We are good at tidying up.


Things we need to change:-


  1. A pet in school for all children to access.
  2. More playground toys are needed
  3. Longer time to play at lunchtime
  4. Stop hurting others and show respect.
  5. Walking around the school instead of running.  
  6. Opportunities to go on the gym trail  more often.
  7. Add new features to the gym trail
  8.  noise levels around the school and in the classroom.

Meeting 7th November

The pupil council discussed how they would organise a whole school reward system similar to the Juniors.   

They want to have 4 school teams :- red, green, blue, gold/yellow .  (Possibly in line with the Juniors teams) 

They said there should be 6/7 children in each group in every class and families should be in the same team. 

Each child can earn team points for following school rules and for good work and behaviour. 

They also said that team points should be counted up on Friday and presented in Mondays assembly.

Suggested ideas for rewards:- Every term the team with the most team points gets to have a certificate.  At the end of the year the Team with the most team points gets a treat i.e an afternoon of watching a movie with popcorn. 

It was suggested that our school council go and talk to the juniors about how they organise their team points and team groups. (Mrs Johnson to organise)


AOB:-  Next steps from Pupil survey outcomes:-


  1. Arrange a meeting with Parent Council to discuss pupil surveys and Team point ideas.
  2. Arrange a meeting with Mrs Hillman to ask her about improvements in Lunchtime based on pupil survey comments.
  3. Discuss with Mrs Grice about setting up the playground buddy system.
  4. Discuss with PCA how to raise money for  Playground improvements i.e football area, quiet areas, reading areas, rainbow clubs(craft club) etc.

Meeting 14th November


Discussed the new Team point system. 

How we would introduce it to the children? 

How the children could earn points?

What the rewards would be if they were the team with the most points?


The school council then reported back to their teachers and class.

November 26th



We discussed how we were going to organise KHGT (Kents Hill has got talent) this year.  We wrote a letter to our classes and made a audition list and voting slips.  We decided that it would be held on the 19th December, we would have 3 judges again.  There would be      2 children from each class to perform and the auditions would take place on the week beginning 10th December.   

We took the information and shared it with our classes.



November 30th


The school council met with the parent council and discussed school improvements and what they have been up to in the school council. 

5th December no meeting

12th December



KHGT:- auditions, script and lights and action. How will it run?  

Team point system:-

Discuss how it will work

  •   Counters in jars
  •   4 team groups
  •   Siblings in same group
  •   Jars in Hall, office and playgrounds too.
  •   Trust values :- Growth mindset

Behaviour system:- Discuss

Play buddies:- Discuss how school council can support them.


Spring term


The school council didn't meet regularly this term as they were busy in their classes organising the team point systems and monitoring if the children were being good learning warriors.


The school council has successfully set up a team point system in each class and all the children and teachers are enjoying using it.  There has been a positive change in the way the children are engaging with learning and especially with their quality of work and independence. 


The school council record the team point every week and then the winning team is announced on Fridays assembly.  They are all trying hard to being the winning team at the end of the year so they get to have the special prize.


Good luck children for the summer term!!!


Next School council meeting Wednesday 2.45pm